Awana Grand Prix Format

Debates and discussions on the various race scheduling methods that can be used and their fairness and accuracy in determining the winners.
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Re: Awana Grand Prix Format

Post by gpraceman » Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:54 pm

davem wrote:Randy - great tip on the white LED light bar.
Any advice on where to get them?
Quicky internet search ended me up in Germany!
I built a custom one.

+ A couple of pieces of wood to house the wiring and LED's
+ The bottom wood piece was drilled for each LED to fit snugly. One LED for each lane.
+ Ultra bright white LED's were used
+ 9V battery clip attached on the outside of the wood
+ 9V battery connector
+ Push button switch to turn the LED's on and off was mounted into the wood

All of the electronic parts were from Radio Shack. The wood was then attached to the back of the timer bridge and positioned over the lane sensors (velcro would do).

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Awana Grand Prix and Pinewood Derby racing - Where a child, an adult and a small block of wood combine for a lot of fun and memories.

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Re: Awana Grand Prix Format

Post by 10range » Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:33 pm

Just a quick update and thank you to everyone. Our kids race was held on February 16th. We had 41 clubbers participate and all went very smoothly. It only took us 43 minutes to run 41 races. We had an adult up by the starting line that was responsible for getting the cars for the next heat set up in a staging area. From there the kids would come up, get their car, stage it and watch the race from the front. We then had 4 adults who retrieved the cars and returned them to their designated parking spot until their next race.

On the lighting issue, I was able to find an 18" LED under cabinet light to use for the finish line. I ended up widening out the support stands on our timer by an inch on each side and this allowed me to mount the light directly under the timer. It worked out so well that you could not even tell there was a light under the time other than it was brighter than the rest of the track.

I had a number of comments from kids, parents, helpers, ect about how well things worked and how much more fun the race was this year. All this is a long way to say GPRM gets many thumbs up from us! :bigups: :thumbup: :clap:

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