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Advertising on Derby Talk

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:47 am
by gpraceman
Unfortunately, there have been Derby Talk members that have gotten themselves banned for violating this board's rules for advertising, despite repeated warnings. Some have even gone as far as rejoining the forum under different names in order to continue their advertising attempts.

It may sound strange to restrict advertising, since I am a derby merchant myself, but I feel that advertising is out of hand on the Internet. I hate getting baraged by ads as I surf, especially when they slow down the loading of a web page. It is not that there is to be no advertising on Derby Talk, but there is a place set aside for it. Those members that do not wish to see the ads can easily skip them. Those that are interested in products and services are welcome to check them out.

For anyone that is selling or promoting products and/or services, please review the rules on advertising, before posting.

Members that cannot comply with these rules do not need to participate in Derby Talk. Fortunately, the vast majority of members have not been a problem.


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