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Reporting Posts

Post by gpraceman » Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:02 am

With the new forum software, members now have the ability to report a post to moderators. This will help moderators, as they may not be able to checkout every post in their assigned forum(s).
  • Wrong Forum - The reported post is placed in the wrong forum.
  • Off-topic - The reported post is off topic.
  • Inappropriate - The reported post contains inappropriate content for a family oriented site.
  • Flaming - The reported post contains flaming of another member.
  • Spam - The reported post has the only purpose to advertise for a website or another product.
  • Warez - The post contains links to illegal or pirated software.
  • Other - The reported post does not fit into any other category, please use the further information field.
I will clarify the Spam classification. Advertising is allowed on the board, for derby related products and services, but there is a designated forum for it. That is the Derby Products and Services forum. Members should only report a post as spam if it isn't a derby related product/service or when a derby product/service is advertised in a forum other than the Derby Products and Services forum.

To report a post, click on the "!" button in the right bottom corner of the post.

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