GPRM Late Comer

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GPRM Late Comer

Post by dna1990 » Fri Jan 24, 2014 2:28 pm

A last minute change of plans to how we have used GPRM for years, but since my part of the country loses their mind when temps PLUNGE to 31 degrees, we are trying to make allowances for racers who may not make the check-in deadline. I 'think' we are still on GPRM v10.

So we have the usual GROUPS for each scout rank. All scouts get pre-loaded into these groups and we mark them Passed as they arrive and inspect. We have added a new 450-MakeUp group.

But when we marked the Passed Flag in say the 200-Bear group and schedule that race, we are then not allowed to later change one of those non-Passed racers (late) to a group of 450-MakeUp. Says Bear schedule already exists.

OK, so we re-type that scout's name into 450-Makeup and it will be a mix of all ranks. We schedule and race that group.

IS THERE A WAY, to then put their ranking or times back into the proper rank, so that when creating a Grand Finals, we can still use that feature to make a race of the top 1 from each rank?

Or, should we somehow create a Round 2 within each rank for the MakeUp latecomers? Will the Grand Final select the top X from all rounds within a Group?

Or other plan all together?

If I manually know a set of racers from four different groups, beside the Grand Final method - is there another way I can manually create a new schedule with those selected racers?

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Re: GPRM Late Comer

Post by gpraceman » Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:38 pm

There is a "Overcoming Murphy's Law" section of the software's help file that discusses latecomers.

Current version of the software: Common Problems/Questions -> Overcoming Murphy's Law

Earlier versions of the software: Race Day Tasks -> Overcoming Murphy's Law

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