Grandprix Race Manger Issues

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Grandprix Race Manger Issues

Post by rookie20 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:10 pm

We just ran our area kub kar races this past weekend and had a couple of issues with Grandprix Race manger version 16.
We had tested the software at our own kub kar / scout truck races (I am from Canada) and we had no issues with the software. We only had 15 youth in the kub kar and 10 youth in the scout truck races.
For the area races we had 85 youth register. After we registered the races and created a schedule we started to run the races. (We are using a best track for the races along with a champ 4 lane timer). We are also using Race replay software. Immediately after our races finish, race replay shows the race, then Grandprix displays the results and finally prepares for the next race. After the first 10 races the software slowed down dramatically and occasionally went back to the schedule page. This took upwards of 30 seconds before we could proceed to the next race. This additional time greatly slowed our races this year. After we finished 85 races, we narrowed the field to the top 20 finishers and ran a Grand Finals. With only 20 races there was no delay in Grand Prix software. We have used the same computer with Grand Prix software over the past 4 years. It is an Hp laptop with an AMD chip, (between an Intel I5 and I7 and does have a separate graphics card). I have downloaded version 17 on the laptop but we decided to use version 16. We actually had the same issue last year with the software slowing down. We did not have this issue with version 15. Has anyone else experience a slow down with more racers on version 16? I am trying to determine if there is an issue with the software or if we need to upgrade the computer.
The second issue was that race replay would not come up after the first couple of races. We had to manually click race replay on the bottom of windows 10 to start race replay. After a couple of times clicking on Race replay the software stared showing the race that just finished. Again I am just wondering if anyone else has experience this issue
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Re: Grandprix Race Manger Issues

Post by gpraceman » Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:41 pm

With V16 and V17, after a heat the software does crunch the standings and stores them to the data file. That can take some time with more racers and a slower running system. With running RaceReplay, the video processing can cause a slow down in the system as well, so it does take some more horsepower (CPU and RAM) to run both GPRM and RR. With V17, you can turn off the auto standings calculations and then just calculate them all at once at the end of racing, using the Calculate button on the Standings tab of the Main screen. That way, there is no delay between heats due to standings calculations. With V18, we are planning on making some changes to how standings are being handled to prevent any delays. That will be out in September.

As far as RR not wanting to come to the forefront at times, you've got me stumped there. As long as you were not trying to do something with GPRM at the time, Windows should have given the focus to RR.

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