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Best of Show catagory?

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:00 pm
by David
At all the Cub Scout district races I've been to always have a Best of Show. Each den would vote on cars from their respective den and a trophy would be awarded. This year our Pack is hosting the district race and I have cars that only are in the Best of Show catagory (don't race) and then there are cars that are in the Fastest Car (top 3 of each den) and also are in the Best of Show (1 car from each den).

However there is no or I can't find any way to register all cars (Fastest Car & Best of Show) into the software and create a seperate catagory or group so the Best of Show cars are listed in a seperate roster. Basically allowing the cars that are in both to race and those only in Best of Show not to race.

I found a work around by registering cars in both catagories. However I have to registers those cars twice. For example one car may have a number of 87, while the same car as a Best of Show I'll re-register with all the same information except with a number of 987. The nine representing it's in the Best of Show catagory. I then created a group called Best of Show that I won't create a race schedule for, all these cars in this group have a 9 in front of their race number, whether some race or don't.

I'm wondering if some one else has come across this issue before and I'm just not seeing something in the software to allow me to do this without registering certain cars twice. I'm using the Pro version with the latest update. Thank you.

Re: Best of Show catagory?

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:02 pm
by gpraceman
Any cars that you don't want to race just won't get the Passed Inspection box checked for them. Maybe use the Custom Field to designate if the racer is Design Only.