Space Derby Autowinder Sources needed

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Re: Space Derby Autowinder Sources needed

Post by Philzer » Wed Dec 13, 2006 11:00 am

I would be interested in having either our pack buy one or purchase the plans to make one. Talk about a time saver Drag N goat if your out there you have other leaders listening :lol:

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Re: Space Derby Autowinder Sources needed

Post by Drag'ngoat » Sun Dec 17, 2006 9:51 pm

I have just completed the plans for the Binder winder. They will come with a parts list as well as some working prints to show the minor machine work (drilling holes) that needs to be done. I still have some minor details to finish up so please stay tuned.....

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Re: Space Derby Autowinder Sources needed

Post by billbillb » Thu Sep 27, 2007 11:43 pm

We ended up using the following:

More Flying + less winding = more fun!
An efficient labor-saver for all our "Just-for-Fun" models.
Electric Winder operates on 2 AA batteries. Resettable counter lets you count winds, so you know exactly when to stop winding. Ideal for Ready-to-Fly kits, Build'N'Fly, Scale Models. This is the only winder you can use with the Flyboy.
Not usable for the Sorcerer or Cruiser.
AG8819 Electric Winder . . . $8.95

It worked quite well. This got us up and running quickly since it was out first space derby.

The key is to limit the number of rubber bands to (2) and the number of winds to 100. I tested it with 3 rubber bands and more winds. This was the best combination and was sufficient to go the distance with our track

The built in counter helps with this. It takes about 15 seconds to do the 100 winds.

Also, be sure to use alkaline batteries.

We did not experience any problems with the gears stripping or any other problems.

The fitting on the end that the propeller fits into worked really well.

It seemed a lot easier than trying to wind rockets from the back with something else.

We first mount the rockets to the hanger on the track and then wind them up and then put the rockets in the starting gate. This worked well and greatly reduced the chances of the propeller unwinding when trying to attach the rockets to the hangers on the track.

We had two people doing the winding at the same time. Total winding time ( 4 lanes) was 1-2 minutes once the rockets were changed out after each race.

These may be better than the one that people have had problems with from Innova Toys...the Sky Blades Electric Winder. search words: sky blades

At $8.95 each, we decided to buy 4, two for primary and two for backups. Depending on the number of rockets that you will be racing, you can switch out the winders and replace with spare batteries if batteries start to get weak due to frequent use and high load.

At $8.95, your best bet it to buy one and do your own field test to see how many times you can wind a rocket to see if it holds up.

FINAL TIP NOT RELATED TO WINDERS: If you have never done a space derby before, be sure to tell your folks ....DO NOT PAINT THE WHITE PLASTIC MOUNTING POST THAT CONNECTS THE ROCKET TO THE "Y" SHAPED HANGER....if this is painted, it will be VERY difficult to mount and unmount the rockets from the hanger....THIS CAUSED US HUGE DELAYS BETWEEN THE HEATS !!!

Good luck. Bill.

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Re: Space Derby Autowinder Sources needed

Post by Jthompson » Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:25 pm

I have plans for a two up winder that is similar to the Binder winder but has fewer parts and is easy to build. It has a counter reset and uses commercial grade components and an aluminum housing. Parts can be purchased from the Internet. Construction requires a drill press, specific drill bits, and a #6 tap.

John Thompson
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