Plan for race day

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Plan for race day

Post by DoctorL » Fri May 05, 2006 3:11 pm

I am responsible for the Space Derby in my stepson's pack, the estimated # of scouts participating is about 40. Race night is 5/22. Expect to start at abt 630 pm, with all wrapped up by 9 pm.

Pack leadership wants to de-emphasize the competitive aspect of this since in their opinion the PWD is competitive enough already -- for the Spring event they want it to be more "fun"

Goal is for all the scouts to get to race as many times as possible in the time provided, plus make it fun. Any tips/ideas on what to do and not do?

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Re: Plan for race day

Post by TurtlePowered » Fri May 05, 2006 4:14 pm

Give yourself time to test out the lines to make sure they are running fair.
Setup another activity or so because this loses interest just watching.
Have setup area where you have multiple winders.
Have a repair area manned by one or two adults.
Get good soft blankets by the end so if they pop off they don't get too badly damaged.
Good soft stops.
Test how many winds are needed to complete course without crashing too violently into stop area.
Have coolest space derby trophy as well as speed.
Everybody gets some partipant ribbbon or small trophy.
Have mic with emcee annoucing racers and who needs to go to setup area for winding.

Have fun!!

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