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Pre-race skit

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 2:49 pm
by rdeis
I've been thinking about how to add a little pagentry to the whole Raingetter Regatta thing. What do you all think about something like this:

A pirate in costume, doing his best Arrrrrrggggh-laden accent shows up at the event, or perhaps the pack meeting before the race:

Pirate(bellows): I be <make up a good name>-something-Beard, the fastest Pirate Sailor on the seven seas! I hear ye be havin' a boat race, here, and I come to run in it.

Cubmaster: Um, well, this race is for cub scouts, but maybe we could let you join us?

P: Grrreat! I'll have ye know that I've never lost a sailing race in all my years!

CM: Really? Wow. You must have a really fast ship!

P: Not Really...

CM: Oh, then you must have a really great crew to win all those races with even a slow ship!

P: Well, No, I...

CM: Hmm, well, then how *did* you win?

P (enthusiastic): Anytime someone dared pass by me pirate ship, we'd let loose the cannon and send 'em to the bottom o' the sea! Heh heh..

CM: I see. Well, we don't do that here. That's cheating.

P: What, ya say that's cheatin'? It's what I usually do, but if ya won't let me sink 'em, then what if we just shoot their sails off so they can't go so fast?

CM: Nope, still cheating. You can't use cannons in a race.

P: No cannons.. <confused> Ah, they we'll ram 'em with the bowsprit! That'll slow 'em down! <grinning again>

<CM frowns, shakes his head>

P: Eh? Not that either? Well, then how do you win the race?

CM: We run out boats as fast as we can make them go, and may the fastest boat win!

P: Arrrr.. But what if I'm not the fastest, then I won't win!

CM: But you'll still have done your best, <turns to the pack> Right scouts? <with a little luck, the scouts cheer> Scouts compete, but we're all good sports- and racing is much more fun when everyone is a good sport.

P: "Do yer best", eh? Hrrrrm- that does sound like a better way to race than blowin' holes in the other boat! Maybe this cheatin', stealin' pirate thing is overrated. I tell ya what-- I'll just come to yer race and see how fun ye can have racing like a good sport. And even I'll give me Jolly Roger to the Den (or sailor?) which sails the fastest ship!

Ideas? Improvements?

Re: Pre-race skit

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 10:20 pm
by Teeeman
If you can add Sponge Bob in some way...

(just a suggestion)...