Raingutter Weight

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Raingutter Weight

Post by Teeeman » Fri Sep 22, 2006 10:42 am

We don’t have any rule on weight so we went for as light a boat as possible.

I read online that it is recommended to not go below 1/8th oz of weight as the boat loses too much momentum between breaths… but this may have been considering more “standard” hulls design (V-hull)… ?

Does anybody know?

Reason I ask is the lighter we got our test boats (about 8-10 of them now)… the faster my son could sail them.

Our final racer is 1/8th oz.

Example, our big Black Pearl is still a flat-bottom (almost, slight split up the middle so it is actually a catamaran)… it weights about 1.25oz… and it is slow compared to the light boats when my son races them down a 5’ gutter (we’re talking the light boat takes around 2.5s, the heavy boat is almost 5 seconds… almost two times as slow!).

Perhaps what we are doing with flat bottoms favors as light as you can build?

Anybody else worked this issue before?

Do some rules require a minimum of 1oz for boats?


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