Boat Race

Anything related to Raingutter Regatta racing and event coordination.
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Boat Race

Post by sporty » Sat Sep 23, 2006 2:06 pm

our local pack does not do the rain gutter race. no boat races the past couple of years.

But back in the day, when I was in scouts.

We went to a local park, small pond and raced the boats we made.

Using banana box creates peaces from local grocery stores.

We made our boat, and picked up some doll rod and, made sales out of old tent material.

fishing string and kite string was used.

sewing pins were used and colored electrical tape for going around the edges of the boat.

and we had a fun time.

I mention this as I was a Webelo then and I think its just eight for a webelo to do.

The rain gutter race, I feel it more for the littler scouts.

Something to keep in mind, for the Webelos


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