Vids of RR R&D

Anything related to Raingutter Regatta racing and event coordination.
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Vids of RR R&D

Post by Teeeman » Sun Sep 24, 2006 3:29 pm

Yep, we're going "over the top" according to my wife and 1-2 other folks in the Pack...

but we have had a blast trying out ideas and playing and practicing for Raintgutter Regatta.

Our gutters are 5' long for comparison to other times...

Here's the collection of videos for those with free time on their hands (note the "almost .5s run" was close to what I did the other night and reported on... almost made it all the way... with practice I think a "big kid" could just jump his boat to the other end Evel Knievel style!):

Son making a 2.43s run (Pearl light test article)

Dad runs a 1.31s w/out a straw (Pearl light test article) ... s-no-straw

Son with boat he built in 15 minutes… good example of what a kid can do… ... e-built-it

Raingutter Pirates using an air hose

Closeup of Bubble Boat testing in see through cradle

Bubble Boat Testing with Straw: Sounds like a baby croc

Running the Heavy Pearl with an air hose ... h-air-hose

Fun to do, but probably not allowed the night of the race…
(hey, Mr. Wall, what is that air hose doing running out of your shirt?)

Review of test boats (and the final race Pearl is in there… can you pick her?) ... e-vehicles
(hint : she has a styro colored belly but a Jolly Roger sail)

"I dunno..." - Uncle Eddie, Christmas Vacation

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