Use of wax

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Use of wax

Post by Speedster » Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:02 pm

Hypothetical situation.
You will be entering a race where the car will run no more than 4 times down a 35' Best track. Basic rules: Block from kit, stock wheelbase, stock wheels, axles, 5 oz weight limit, 3 wheel rail riders allowed, graphite only.
Is there any advantage to using Liquid Glass (or any wax) before graphite? If yes, why?

Does a stock BSA wheel have a taper in its bore?
If the 3 wheels have cant, what part of the wheel bores have contact with the axles?
Thank you.

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Use of wax

Post by whodathunkit » Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:14 pm

1st ? Slicker bores less friction.
Why !! I think graphite just likes a slick surface free of scratches.. however it is less forgiving with having them then oil lubes are.

2nd ?
Some do and then some don't as far as i know. (depends on the mold injection I'd say!)

3rd ?
Back end of car.. axle shaft close to the kit block the lower end of the inside hub.
Then nail head end of the axle top side of the outer hub.
Why because your running on the wheels inside tread edge.

Front side of the car ..for a left or right hand side DFW
axle shaft close to the kit block top side of inside wheel bore. Nail head end lower side of the out side hub.
Why because your running on the out side wheel tread edge.

If your using - & + cambers / cant.
But you would also need to factor in how the car is traveling while going down the ramp and then in the flat.. in relation to the bores and axles.
So this would be some of my hypothetical thoughts to your ?'s

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