Mid America Pinewood Derby - 2018

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Mid America Pinewood Derby - 2018

Post by xanthrum » Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:42 pm

All right everyone... I apologize in my late posting of things for this year... We have some amazing things in store for this years event. I really hope many of you are a part of this year's Best Pinewood Derby Show on the planet. There are some exciting new changes as we roll out this year's event.

Some things that you all should know about as many of you work with or race at council's, district's, and pack's events... I can tell you first hand that it is not always smooth sailing. We have had to spend a lot of time and resources in getting things lined up with our council for this year. Thus in a large part the reason for my delay in getting information posted & updated. We are very fortunate to have a Council that supports this amazing annual event that is the Pinnacle pinewood derby race for Cub Scouting, plus we have historically had Pro Racing as part of our event... offering a neutral site and track that those across all leagues can come together and race in an exciting venue. Not to mention an entire set of fun filled things going on that Cub Scout, Families, and Pro Racers will have a BLAST at this year's MAPWD Both custom Best Track - tracks have been upgraded and modified with lots of custom features - offering the Highest level of a fast, fair and consistent track.

Ok so here is what is happening at this year's Mid America Pinewood Derby - www.midamericaderby.com

-- The Event will again be hosted at CLAAS of North America - 8401 S 132nd St - Omaha, NE

-- All racing will be broadcast live

-- Things will kick off with Pro Racing - that will be an all day Friday Event - April 27th ... Nationals will again be run at this year's MAPWD - There are 8 classes. We will have check-in Thursday evening from 5-9pm on April 26th... with racing to begin at 9am and run until things are completed. We have some very special custom trophies - along with lunch and dinner provided as part of the event. Who will be crowned this year's MAPWD Pro Champion... We will also be racing the Big Rig's at the end of day.

-- Mid America Pinewood Derby - April 28th... early check in will happen April 27th from 5-9pm... on the 28th Check in will start at 8am until 10am with Ceremonies and racing to begin at 10am. One of the NEW Exciting changes to this year's race will be the addition of a NEW CLASS - Open Kid & Adult Oil Division - We will have 8 divisions... of the most competitive Scout, Kid and Adult racing in the country.

-- Some of the things that make Mid America Pinewood Derby an event unlike any other is that at this year's event we will again be having:
- Concessions
- Entry Bags stuffed with all kinds of swag - 1 bag per car entered
- LEGO - Car Building and Racing
- Hot Wheel - Racing - all entrants receive a Hot Wheel in their entry bag
- Pinewood Derby Drag Strip Racing - Race head to head
- Amazing prizes and giveaways - totaling thousands of dollars
- Many Vendors onsite selling pinewood derby parts
- Several local Mascots - including the Star Wars crew
- Over 200 Trophies awarded
- National Auto Safety Patch
- and many other fun filled things to do at this year MAPWD

This is our 8th annual MAPWD... and to help keep the momentum going we need your support in racing in this year's event Do not miss out on the largest Pinewood Derby Race in the United States - lots of information and details can be found on the website www.midamericaderby.com

Hotel information will soon follow...

Also just a little bit of a inside story... if you have even considered participating in the MAPWD ... this would be the year... as things will look a lot different next year.


Greg Dawes

Greg Dawes
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Re: Mid America Pinewood Derby - 2018

Post by Speedster » Tue Jan 22, 2019 5:45 am

Hello Greg,
A friend of mine and I would like to race the Class "B" Big Rig race this year. We've read the rules. Might we see some pictures of Class "B" trucks?

I would like to see you separate graphite from the other lubes even though you could run them all together. Someone signing up for "Graphite Only" could only get that reward which I'd like to see be a letter from you.
I'm not quite clear on the Height rule. Does the entire truck need to be as stated or can I build a Flat bed?

We're looking forward to the Race.
Best Wishes for the 2019 race.

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