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WoodShop Racers Pwd Kits!

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:27 pm
by whodathunkit
Some time back I shared a photo of some wheels that were made in china for a different type of pinewood derby car kit.

Photo of the wheels type shared:
The Wood Shop Racer wheels are seen in the photo on top.. along with some Pine Car wheels on bottom.

I'm wondering if anyone has built or raced a car from the WoodShop Racers kits.
The kits are manufactured in China for Peachtree Playthings of Atlanta,GA .

There are three different kit types that are offered:
The Turbo Racer seen in yellow, The Scorpion Racer seen in blue, And the Road Warrior Racer seen in black.

The kits are set up much to the liking of Pine Car brand kits.. using solid axle's or the nail type axles.

On the kit box there is a tag that reads:
BSA Pinewood Derby, Kub Kar & RA Racer compliant when used with the approved wheels and axles. (Not Included). Local race rules may very.