Derby Worx / Warp Speed 2010 wheels!

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Derby Worx / Warp Speed 2010 wheels!

Post by RACER X » Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:39 am

Derby Worx and Warp Speed have spent the off season making our award winning wheels even faster than EVER!!!

As many of you have read, the new B.S.A. wheel is lighter than the old wheel and a bit better, so we stepped it up AGAIN to put some more HOT in your HOT ROD this season!!! 8)

The NEW B.S.A. wheel has a stepped ledge in the outer hub area where the axle head rides. All Derby Worx / Warp Speed wheels feature this area cut out to move the friction area back to the inner edge of the hub for reduced friction and less rotational area PLUS this area is NOW CONED for greater speed and easier set up of a RAIL RIDER (TM) ALIGNMENT!!! Thats right, BOTH sides of the hub on our PRO Ultra Lite, Pro Inertia Lite & Pro Stock wheels are coned and only from Derby Worx / Warp Speed!

Next: the new B.S.A. wheel allows us to take our Pro Inertia Lite wheels to a amazing low of 1.4g's (down from 1.8g) and still retain ALL original wheel markings inside and out to meet many tight pack and district rules.

All Derby Worx / Warp Speed Wheels feature our exclusive 5 step hub treatment and are precision machined using our NEW Haas cnc's on our EXCLUSIVE fixtures for added precision.

If your rules would question the hub step removal, check out out Derby Worx Super Stock's / #MM01, these wheels are mold matched and precision machined on the tread face only on our exclusive fixtures using our Okuma cnc.

Best of luck to ALL racers this season.

Racer X

Derby Worx Products can be found through these fine dealers:" target="_blank

Driver of #9 "The Shooting Star"

I would like to thank my sponsors: Dremel Tool, House of Kolor paints, Craftsman Tools, Derby Worx Pro Tools & Derby Worx Pro Wheels, Micro Finish & sand paper and 3M tape.

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