Micro Tungsten Cylinders from Maximum Velocity

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Micro Tungsten Cylinders from Maximum Velocity

Post by MaxV » Wed Feb 15, 2017 3:14 pm

We made a special purchase of Micro Tungsten Cylinders, and we are offering them at a very low price. At $2.95 per ounces, it is the least expensive tungsten on the market today.

You can find them here:
http://www.maximum-velocity.com/pinewoo ... .htm#micro

Each package contains one ounce of weight (17 cylinders). Each micro-cylinder measures:

0.209 OD (just under 13/64)
0.185 long (just under 3/16)
1.7 grams each
0.040 through hole (most of these are plugged up)

Micro Tungsten Cylinders are typically used as trim weighting for cars. They can be inserted individually into holes (drill 13/64), or can put poured into a larger hole or cavity. Secure with epoxy or hot glue.

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