Pinewood Derby Inventory Clearance Event - May 2017

From pinewood derby car designs to a kits, wheels, decals and more, Maximum Velocity has everything you need to win your pinewood derby car race.

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Pinewood Derby Inventory Clearance Event - May 2017

Post by MaxV » Tue May 09, 2017 8:37 am

Now that the 2016-17 Pinewood Derby season is coming to a close,
Maximum Velocity is offering you an opportunity to prepare for the
next racing season with great deals on many products including
tungsten, discount blocks and kits, and a 10 percent discount on all

Specifically, we are offering clearance pricing on:

- Tungsten, including one ounce of tungsten for 1 cent
(one per order, only 100 available),
- Discount plain blocks,
- Clearance car kits,
- Paint Stencils and decals.

We have a limited quantity of all of these products, so don't delay.

To browse all of our discounted product offers, please visit:

== A Special Discount For You ==
In addition to these reduced prices, we are offering a 10% discount on
all orders. To take advantage of this offer, please enter coupon code


in the "Coupon Code" box on the shopping cart page. Wait to enter the
code until all items are in the cart, and make sure to enter it
exactly as shown above.

This offer is good through May 23, 2017.

== Tungsten Side Weights ==
Due to a patent issue, we can no longer offer Tungsten Side Weights on
our web site. However, we do have a few left in stock. If you would
like to purchase one or more sets, please give us a call at

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