Maximum Velocity End of Year Sale

From pinewood derby car designs to a kits, wheels, decals and more, Maximum Velocity has everything you need to win your pinewood derby car race.

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Maximum Velocity End of Year Sale

Post by MaxV » Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:58 pm

Just to let the DerbyTalk folks know that Maximum Velocity is running a sale right now.

First, we just introduced these new products:

- Domed Adjustable Tungsten Round - Looking to make a car with minimal
wood and the weight focused at one location such as the car design
described here:
This Domed Adjustable Tungsten Round allows the placement of the
ballast weight at the desired point, and allows nearly 1/2 ounce of
weight flexibility. The weight can be adjusted by adding one or two
tungsten cubes (included), and/or tungsten putty as needed to
adjust the weight. Just make sure to use epoxy to hold the cubes in
place. You can find these Domes here: ... eround.htm

- 9/32 inch Tungsten Rod - Combining the simplicity of cylindrical
weight with the low height benefit of cube weight, these tungsten rods
allow thin cars to be built without creating underbody pockets. You
can find these rods here:

- 19/64 inch Brad Point Drill Bit - The 19/64 inch Brad Point Drill
Bit is sized to allow easy insertion of 9/32 Tungsten Rod. Brad Point
drills bits are designed for boring clean and accurate holes in wood.
You can find the drill bit here: ... s.htm#1964
(Part 5004)

You can see all of our new products here:

== A Penny For Our Axles ==

As a token of our thanks for your business, we are offering you one
set of our BSA Speed Axles for 1 cent. To get this offer, please add
part 14094 to your shopping cart at:
One set of axles per order please. This offer is available through
December 12, 2017.

== Special Discount ==

In addition to the penny axles, you can get 10% off your entire order.
Just apply coupon code:


before pressing the "Proceed to Checkout" button. This code is good
through December 12, 2017.

Best wishes for a great holidays and a great racing season.

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