Workshop procedures

How to have useful construction workshops.
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Workshop procedures

Post by Jthompson » Tue Jan 30, 2007 12:42 am

Does anyone have workshop procedures that they would like to share. I would like to breakdown the process by workstation if possible so that each workstation would have an instruction associated with it. Specifically, I would like to break the stations into the following:

1) Design
2) Body preparation
a) Axle drilling
b) Rough cut car shape
c) Weight holes/channels, etc. preparation
3) Axle preparation
4) Wheel preparation
5) Weighing
6) Body Finishing
7) Alignment
8) Testing and modification

Maybe someone has additional ideas on breakdown and organization. I would love to hear what others have found successful.

John Thompson
Pack 112
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Re: Workshop procedures

Post by doct1010 » Tue Jan 30, 2007 1:31 pm

At our most recent workshop, I broke things up into three basic stations. Design, which included stencil work and pattern tracing; woodshop, basic cutting, shaping and sandig; and wheels and axle prep. We (I) had a band saw, drill press, table saw and several hand tools (needle files ect.) cordless drills, and belt/palm sanders on hand.

The workshop was preceeded by a pack level intro to design, physics of pinewood and the basics of car building. The hands-on workshops were small groups organized by den. Much more time was spent with the younger cubs and first timers.

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