How to pay for all the tools in your workshop.

How to have useful construction workshops.
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Re: How to pay for all the tools in your workshop.

Post by whodathunkit » Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:31 pm

Thanks * 5J's *,

I dont wish to :hijacked:Ron's post!

I'm always spending time in my shop makeing something out of wood!
Funny how my Wife suports my hobbies & crafts.
look what else she got me!

(now i can finish restoring this old track!)
The Lain Brain... Should bring back some memorys.
This very track was built back in 60's/70's?? and it was used by the
Forgan OK, Cub Scouts pack 103. Today the pack is no longer!
But at the time they were: Thay were the very first pack registered
for restoreing antique automobiles in Oklahoma. Ford model a&t's cars.
(so i was told by the guy i got the track from.)
What a way to spend my spare time..
I just ran some cars Down it for the first time after all the work i put into replaceing the masonite top and lane strips.
I've still got alot of work to do on it I need to build a stop pit for it.

What type of automobile can be spelled the same forwards & backwards?

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