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RC Crawlers

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:51 pm
by TedBull
Hey guys. Since you Derby guys are a slightly rare hobby breed I figured you would appreciate and maybee relate to this form of hobby as well.

Remote Controll Rock Crawling! :nod:

My local santioned club and our forum -

The global RC community forum -

Its a fairley small community of RC guys in relation to the rest of the RC community. I cant get enough of it. We have a local competition each month. There are 4 differant classes of competition crawlers. They vary in size and function. The trucks are powered by electic motors. Most used Brushed motors, but brushless is also common. It is a very competative platform with strict rules. Each club can modify the rules a little to fit their needs but they must meet the qualifications if they want to compete on a national level.

Here is the breakdown of a comp.


1. Each class runs 4 differant courses.

2. The course consists of 10 pairs of gates that must be progressed thru within 6 minutes.

3. The driver starts with 0 points, if 40 penatly points are accumulated or if the 6 minutes expire before progressing thru gate 10 the driver gets a DNF - did not finish. For every pair of gates progressed the driver gets -2 points. So if you DNF after gate 6 you get the +40 penalty points minus -12 progress points for a total score of +28. The idea is to get the lowest score. A perfect score for a 10 gate course is -20. But we do often incorperate bonus gates that are optional to attempt for a bonus score.

4. Time starts when the drivers tires move. The driver must progress the course in the order of gates specified. If the truck flips over on its roof and cannot be flipped back over under the trucks own power the driver may take a penalty and touch the vehicle to right it onto its wheels.

5. Penalties include.

*Every reverse, intentional or not (wheels roll backwards) cost + 1 point.
*If the driver touches the car to make a on course repair, or to reposition to last progressed gate, or it he bumps the car, drives over his foot, etc. That costs + 10 points.
*If the truck is stuck on its roof the driver may roll the vehicle sideways onto its wheels, That is + 5 points. Or he can reposition it back to the previous progressed gate for +10 penalty.
*If the truck touches a gate at all it is a +10 penatly. All the gates on the course are "live", even gates already progressed. So if you roll down the course and take out multiple gates you get multiple 10 point penalties.

So again, if you accumulate 40 penalty points you DNF. It can happen quick. That is a basic overview of the rules.

Did I get your attention??? Any of you guys familiar with RC crawling? There is also "RC scale trucks" that mimic real trucks in detal and scale features. They run a more realistic trail course but have simaler penalties and progress thru gates as well. They have winches, winch pals, sand boards, etc. You name it they got it. Most RC clubs have both a comp class and a Scale class. I dont run scalers so I wont go into detail.

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Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:15 pm
by TedBull
Now onto the trucks.

* The 1.9 class or Mini class is a 1:18 scale truck. The "1.9" refers to the wheel size. These trucks are small but can climb just about anything. The use one motor, and one transmission with outputs that shaft drive each axle. One steering servo is allowed.

The retail version of this vehicle is the Losi mini crawler RTR, and the losi MRC Pro.

My losi pro.


* the 2.2 Pro class uses a 1:10 scale truck. The build options offer the use of "MOA" Motor on axle type axles or shafty axles. Each axle has its own gearbox and own motor. This keeps the COG vey low. And it allows us to controll each motor independantly to perform some amazing climbing. (when you nose up to a vertical climb the rear wants to push and flip the truck backwards, at that instance the front motor can be run separate to literally pull the truck up the ledge. When the front is hooked in then all 4 wheels are engadged to finish the climb.) It aslo allows us to lock the rear, turn the wheels, and drive with the front to "dig" and perform very tight turns.

Retail 1:10 crawlers.

Axial XR10 MOA kit.
Axial AX10 Shafty RTR.
Enroute Berg MOA axles.
RC4WD bully MOA axles.
Losi night crawler shafty
Losi LCC comp crawler shafty
Axial Wraith scaler.
Axial SCX10 scaler.

Here is my Axial XR10 fully custom 2.2 Pro.


* The 2.2 Shafty class is 1:10 scale. NO MOA axles allowed. One motor, one tranny, shaft driven. This is the "drivers class" or "sportsman" class. Only one steering servo allowed. Simple and effective.

Retail trucks.

Axial AX10
Losi night crawler
Losi LCC
Venom creeper

Here is a pic of my AX10 based fully custom 2.2 shafty rig.

Oops, broke a CVD axle and my axle housing.

* And finaly THE SUPER CLASS!. This class is the Builders class. It offers the most options. A 1:8 scale sized class. MOA or Shafty axles allowed. Up to 18" wheel base. No tire size limit. Front and rear steering. No steering servo limit. These require the use of a 4 channel remote controll. Again, front and rear motors can be run together or independently. Front and rear axles both steer to produce some amazing ability to crab, rotate, and climb.

Retail options.

Exceed mad torque (inexspensive intro rig)
Integy super (junk)
Rc4WD super bully axles and RTR. (good option, very little work to get going).
Berg axles customized to super width (the best option, but expensive).

Here is my fully custom Carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum super Berg.


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Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:28 pm
by Noskills
Cool pics!

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Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:04 am
by TedBull
Noskills wrote:Cool pics!
Thanks. We do comps all over WA. If you are ever intersted in checking it out go to to check for our comp dates and locations. We have one coming up at the Mulkilteo ferry terminal on Feb 23rd.

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Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:06 am
by TedBull
Here is a link to some Video. Check it out. You will be amazed what these trucks can do." target="_blank

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Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:34 pm
by TedBull
This thread has gotten a decent amount of views but only one reply. Oh well, figured I would post this anyways. My hard work paid off with a couple of nice finishes in two of the classes at our last comp. I find it hard to be competitive in all 4 classes becuase its alot of work.


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Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:17 am
by birddog
Very cool.

If I may ask, what does it cost to build one of those?


Re: RC Crawlers

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:57 am
by TedBull
birddog wrote:Very cool.

If I may ask, what does it cost to build one of those?


It depends on the level of durability and capability you want out of it. The trucks that are availible as kits go for around $300. The stock trucks are not very capable. My trucks have carbon fiber chassis and titanium links. ALong with aluminum and delrin peices here and there. Titainum and alumin screws.

My trucks: The smallest has at least $900 into it, and the super has at least $2,000. The 2.2 trucks would be somewhere in the middle.


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Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:43 pm
by vdutel
Tedbull ----

Very Cool .. When I worked in the Hobby shop they were not even close to being popular ... I always wondered if it would take off and since last year when I saw a mag with an article now I wish I had one ... LOL like everything else I want to much and need so little...

Cool Climbers you built..... :bigups: :bigups: