SOLD - Lot of Misc tools & supplies. Aged out of racing.

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SOLD - Lot of Misc tools & supplies. Aged out of racing.

Post by aphonos » Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:05 am


We've moved on to other father/son hobbies now that we've graduated Cubs. We're not racing. It's been 3 years since we built. This stuff is just sitting and might be useful to the next generation of builders.

Our cars placed:
Tiger - last or 2nd to last (then dad got online, physics classes began :rofl: We learned a lot together in the next 4 years! Seriously, I even purchased the Pinewood Physics video and read him posts from Stan Pope and others.)
Wolf - 1st in pack
Bear - 1st in den (2nd in pack, found out post-race that our axle steer tuning was off by about 1/16th of a turn and it cost us one heat :idk: )
Web I - 1st in pack
Web II - 1st in pack

But maybe build technologies have changed in the last 3 years and our tools won't be helpful. idk. I don't have the life-space/time to research. We used the "Silver Bullet" and a drill press. We measured the roundness of wheels. We polished & pledged axles. We polished hubs. We tried multiple styles of fenders. We used graphite (dry-lube only pack). We weighted and placed tungsten.

I'd prefer to sell the whole lot of it together, but if you want to inquire about a specific item or set, that's fine.

The Silver Bullet alone would be $25. It was purchased in 2014 and used for 3 years worth of cars. Stored in the box.
For the whole lot, I'd like to get $50.
Buyer pays shipping. I can get this in a large flat rate priority box, which is ~$20. If I take out a few wood blocks, it'll fit in medium box, $14.35.

  • Wheels. Lots of them. Some are still decent sets. Some would be good for sharing. Some would just be good for learning. Like I said, we measured concentricity of the wheels before we selected the wheels to race, and some of the sets are still in containers with those measurements listed.
  • Axle nails.
  • Lexan cut inside wheel "fenders."
  • Pin that replaces the non-dominant wheel if you're league allows 3-wheelers.
  • Weights: a few tungsten cubes and bars, and a package of the cut-able putty, plus remnants of a Hobby Lobby set of steel weights.
  • Red Rocket polishing kit - partially used. This got us through 4 years and still is only about 1/2 used up. Can't guarantee the condition of the polishes because of age.
  • Some super-fine bore polishing rods - (the white 2 sticks in the baggie)
  • Carbon fiber rods & wheel bore polishing sandpapers.
  • A little bit of graphite (hob-e-lube for friends. and the left overs of the [no advertising for this vendor] stuff).
  • "The Silver Bullet" with the pin/rod.
  • Pro Axle Press II
  • Pro Rail Rider
  • 2 drill bits (they're whatever the right size is for axles, I've forgotten exactly)
  • Axle pulling pliers with plasi-dipped ends.
  • One Maximum Velocity basic kit
  • 7 extra wood blocks of various grain straightness. Stored in dehumidified basement, so nicely dried by now.
  • Wood block holder for polished test axles and race axles.
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Re: Lot of Misc tools & supplies. Aged out of racing.

Post by Speedster » Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:07 am

aphonos. I'll take it all. I will email you.

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