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Misc Building Supplies for sale

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:49 pm
by birddog
Below is a pic of lots of different supplies I have available for sale.

Novus plastic polish kit: $7
Derby Worx Tools: $2 each
Wheels (new, never used): $0.25 per wheel
lint free svelt cloth (nice for final axle clean up with alocol): $3
Carbide drill bits (#44, #43): $5 each
Simichrome axle polish: $4
plastic accessories: $1
pipe cleaners: $3
.030 wheel gauge spacer: $2
wheel gauge spacer set: $7
Foil tape for covering bottom of car: $5
Flame paint stickers: $0.50 each
maximum velocity graphite: $3 each
pin stripe tape: $1 per color
Troy Thorne Book (excellent condition): $8