Alignment / Triangulation bar

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Alignment / Triangulation bar

Post by sporty » Wed Apr 23, 2008 8:58 am

I am sharing with you one of my homemade alignment tools.

It's called a triangulation bar.

Here's a few pictures and additional info.

Here is a overall view of the bar and homemade adjustable trammel points.


Homemade trammel point-


Another picture-


This can be made for under $15.00

This is use to check the alignment of the crossmembers and axles.

here is a list of the materials-

All items gotten at menards.

One hollow metal square tubing, 6 foot long, 1/2 inch. $7.95

Two 6-32 wing nuts, handipack part # 82514 $.79 each

1 two pack of hollow wall fastener, project pro 233-9452 $.99

Only the pointy threaded bolt and washer is used, the rest is not.

1, 5 pack touchdown adjustable 550-11pk2, (in pipe materials department.

$1.68. this is two pieces that come together like a zip tie, but can be undone to move and adjust on the bar.

You can angle the square tubing, as these have angled slot for square tubing, I used a dremel and removed material for a exact fit / slot of the 1/2 square tubing.

here is picture of it, incase this part is hard to find or confusing when looking for it.



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