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Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 10:42 am
by Smell of pine
As you may or may not know, last year was our pack's first year to hold a cubmobile race. We awarded the kids for their finish position. We didn't award for looks, or anything else. We may add some more awards this year.

How do other packs handle this? Best paint, best of show, etc., and who decides on who wins what? Sporty mentioned that at last years race, his son won the race, but also won "Best of show". Who decided this, was it the kids, the leaders, or the crowd with a ballot box?

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Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 4:28 pm
by sporty
I got two people, One male and one female. Not directly relacted to anyone there.

This was not so easy. But I was able to find a Couple. After walking around and asking them a few questions.

I had a paper that I had done up a head of time.

to fill in the car # and group. (Tigers,Bears,Wolfs,Webelos 1, Webelos-2)

Best of show, Paint/looks, Design.

With the idea, that A child did some of the work to the Cubmobile. Like painting, decals, Stickers.

I said nothing to them, except for answer questions. They wrote down there choices for each group.

When we were done, If they had two different choices. We tossed a coin. Heads or tails. To decide.

Since they were Husband and Wife. Their was only 1 that they did not pick that was the same.

The paper work was then taken to the main booth.

Since I was busy during the event. They did not know which car was my sons. I remained quite and did not sayt this car is nice or anything like that.

Only if they had questions did I answer them.

Since the cars were done by rank and marked. It was easy for them to just go on up through the ranks.

This was how I did it. I am sure their are other ways and maybe even better ways.

I just wanted a non-scout to do this. Or a Member of the Scouts.

Hope this helps,


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Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 4:39 pm
by Go Bubba Go
sporty wrote:When we were done, If they had two different choices. We tossed a coin. Heads or tails. To decide.

Since they were Husband and Wife. Their was only 1 that they did not pick that was the same.

Wow!!! If it had been me and Mrs. Bubba, I think there would only have been 1 (if we were lucky) that we picked that was the same. :oops:

I think you would have worn out your coin (or your thumb) from over-flipping!!! :D

Hmmm... they must have been newlyweds :shock:

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Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 4:06 pm
by sporty
They appeared to be in their early 60's.


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Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 12:06 pm
by shipnson
Since our first year we used free (That's FREE ZEE! Totaly FREE! NO Cost!)
Non-Bearing wheels from our local recycle yards old wheeled trash cans... (they said they couldn't or that it was difficult to recycle them)...and they had hundreds of them!... ...where was i now?

Oh yeah, the first years was Non-bearing wheels with steel coupling nuts as bushings...and then we went to competitive bearinged wheels the next year, so we had Two classes in each rank of Bearinged wheels and non-bearinged wheeled Cubmobiles...two for Bear Scouts, Webelos I, and Webelos II, and First Year Boyscouts (as we still considered them freshly graduated Webelos and they still had their Cubmobiles from the year before...and not enough time to build "Homebuilt Soap Box Derby" for that class.

We didn't allow the Tigers or Wolves to race as we had a pretty steep hill and also wasn't enough people to assist to do a different thing such as a push race at the bottom of he hill for the younger i told their den leaders to tell them that, "...if you work hard at your Scout Requirements, and Obey Akela, then you'll be building a Cubmobile the next year!" and then I encouraged the Tiger and Wolf Dens to connect with our Bear and Webelos Dens to get together either on a separate occasion or later in the day of the race event day and each Bear or Webelos should "Sponsor" a Tiger or Wolf with his Cubmobile, and can be the "Pusher" at a race course set up with traffic cones (like those people do that don't have hills in their towns!). So that's what we will official be doing this next year to involve the younger scouts... as they and their parents don't really need to be given the added responsibility of building the Cubmobile anyway...with the Pinewood Derby and our training the good parents to take over our positions and all! They are just plain Busy! chuckle...
Anyhow, so there was...
BearScout Class Non-Bearing
BearScout Class Bearing
Webelos I Class Non-Bearing
Webelos I Class Bearing
Webelos II Class Non-Bearing
Webelos II Class Bearing
(first year scouts were counted as Webelos)

BoyScout Class HomeBuilt Soap Box Derby
BoyScout Class Official Soap Box Derby
(we haven't become offiliated with AASBD yet but
hope to soon!)