Need help with running our first cubmobile race.

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Need help with running our first cubmobile race.

Post by xray328 » Sun Jan 18, 2009 4:08 pm

I'm the committee chair for our first cubmobile race. We running 11 cars (one from each den) in the morning (each boy runs the car twice and we average the time for the den), and opening up the race to boys that want to build their own cars in the afternoon. We have 85 boys in the pack.

I'm trying to organize right now and was wondering if anyone out there could help me figure out how many people I'm going to need and what jobs are going to need to be covered. We plan on selling food (hot dogs, chips, drinks) and are going to be out in the middle of nowhere (only place we could find a decent hill).

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Need help with running our first cubmobile race.

Post by sporty » Mon Jan 19, 2009 1:04 pm

I followed up with Xray328 in pm to answer some of his questions.

I'll recap for others who may inquire in the future with same questions.

12 to 14 people is recommended for running a race.

1 lead cordinator.

3 at the cooking area, two cooks, 1 register hand out person.

2, cubmobile inspectors. ( if the pack is providing the cars then, inspectors may not be needed).

2 people to help with double elim chart of software for the race. These two can also due sign in and registration.

2-3 people, at the ramps. help load cars and run the starting gate.

3 people at the finish line. two to judge, one to view each lane. One to help the cub scouts stop or move out of the racing lane.

Walkie Talkies come in handy in sharing the winners to the charter people and to the ramp or top of the hill. to notify the lane is clear and release starting gate.

futher add, in Pm, the 11 cubmobiles will be shared with the other kids and raced.

The issue can be seat and steering rope length and the foot placement. With different sized racers.

a adjustable seat bracket on them, might solve some of those issues in this case.

There was also a question about fair racing due to weight differances in the riders.

The only way to solve that is buy ensureing the weight is equal for both cars and drivers. Both at the same weight.

however, this will be time consuming and might risk the weight falling out of the car. Unless more designed for adding weight.

You then would need a set of scales, 4 scales.

As even if the overall weight was the same. Then you have to factor in tail weight. Due to heavier driver and lighter driver. Depending how much weight needed to be added.

One car will still have a heavier tail weight and likely have the advantage, even with the cars were both at the same weight.

allot more work to achieve this and more equipment needed and a few more people.

Dont forget power ! to supply them also.


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