Anyone grab one of the BSA Blastcar kits too?

Anything related to CO2 powered racing, such as Blastcar, and event coordination.
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Anyone grab one of the BSA Blastcar kits too?

Post by cubmasterbob » Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:49 pm

I got my BSA Blastcar in the mail today...big sucker compared to regular pinecar kits and wheels. In the instructions it mentioned some thing about wheel choices...."slicks{provided?}, ATV and Monster". I'm going to guess that there will be other wheels offered in the future?!
I've been staring at the block of wood trying to see what it wants to the moment we're both at a loss. :scratching:
The destructions state a 1/2" must be maintained around the CO2 cartridge hole but that won't leave much to be removed then back there. There's no provision for holding the cylinder in from what I see, except the hole itself..hope that's enough.
No where on the instructions do I see any mention of wheel location..except 1/8 or so from bottom for guide eyelets clearance, so the sky's the limit. I don't see anything stating what can or can't be done with the wheels... I could see a razor technique used here for less rolling resistance. Adding to that, it's intertesting to see a minimum weight allowed{5oz}...guess I'll be shooting for 5oz still in my build...nice to know I can go a tad over this time and be ok!
BTW, all I got was the car launcher. I just wanted to mess with the kit to see what I could make of it.
I look forward to myown and other's creations with this kit.

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Re: Anyone grab one of the BSA Blastcar kits too?

Post by jacksdad » Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:18 pm

Not yet, but we've been checking them out. No mention of whether we'll be holding any races, but fingers crossed.

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