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Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 10:08 pm
by Ratrodsrule1
As pack and youth group PWD Racing slowly raises a sleepy head from its summer slumber it awakens to the new normal known as Social Distancing. Once thought to be the Death Knell of PWD, Troy Eastman, The Pinewood Derby King has discovered the brain banks have done their due dilligence and have discovered new and creative ways to allow the show to go on.Planning meetings thru Social Media, Conference Calls and Webinars.

The King has dedicated a large part of his adult life studying the art of PWD building, racing and most of all fair play and winning. A National Champion in BASX PRO at the league/Proxy level against the fastest racers on Terra Firma he has the reputation of one of the best wheel machinist in the land. As a spokesperson for The King I would like to introduce A web store owned and operated by The King himself offering to packs and youth groups the same parts and products that catapulted him into a National Champion and has helped numerous racers stand atop the podium as National Champions themselves. For those able to use oil his latest is an innovation with an extreme amount of R & D. The Kings Royal Oil, race day oil with proxy qualities which makes it as fast on day 5 as day 1 and is currently dominating BASX AM at one of the fastest proxy venues in the country and standing podium at another.

Give your racer an opportunity to access a full line of some of the fastest parts and products currently available at Why ride with an apprentice when you can roll with The King ? Pinewood Derby King, expert PWD Craftsmen, You won't be disappointed.