District event who do you invite?

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What district format do you use?

All comers
Invitational (top 3-6 in pack)
Other invitational (more than 6)
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Re: District event who do you invite?

Post by Rainman » Sat Feb 17, 2007 4:19 am

While at our District Banquet on Feb 8th, it was announced by the DE that a Pack was needed to sponsor the District Derby. Its been on the schedule since last year. I don't know if it was poor planning or someone "bailed" out.

Long story short, our DE asked our Pack to put on the District Derby on March 24th. Thats a month and a half notice.

Here's what I expect:

Approx 200 boys racing. A need for concessions. A need to provide Activity Badges such as beltloops ect... . So far, I've reserved the local High School. Two other local Packs will donate the use of their track. So, that's 3, two lane tracks.

I'm thinking we can run each Rank of boys on a separate track. When the top three finishers in each rank are determined. (They get trophies for their placement in the Rank class.) We take the top 3 finishers from each Rank class and run the Championship race, where the top 3 will get trophies.

We'll use the same judging table for all ranks. The judging table will be broken down into these sections:

[1st Scale check (this first because most adjustments are usually here)
2nd - Length, width & body check (don't expect too many rejections here)
3rd - Axle, wheel & lube check ( look for bushings, flatness and oils)
4th - Tagging, Sorting (Boy Scouts take cars to respective track areas)
(Each station will have at least 2 officials)
The participants will then sit in bleachers alongside their track. (The school says only race officials on the gym floor, and each track will have to be put on boards or carpet so they don't scratch the floor.)

I like the idea of having multiple tracks in separate race areas and think it will break up the crowd a little bit. The only drawback I see to the multiple track format is the # of race officials required.

This is my first Large Derby and I'm nervous, BUT I seem to have plenty of help.

Any input from the "Derby tested" guys??



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Re: District event who do you invite?

Post by doct1010 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 8:12 am

Know the feeling. This is not only my first time running a district derby, it is the FIRST in district!

Check out this thread for additional info you may find helpful: http://derbytalk.com/viewtopic.php?p=22 ... ght=#22725

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Re: District event who do you invite?

Post by doct1010 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 9:29 am

One suggestion, we found if you elevate the track it makes viewing much better. Consider putting track on tables or risers, also saves you trouble of having to protect the floor. You may need a ladder or staging platform to get cars up on track. We are fortunate our gym has a stage, we back track up to edge of stage on several 8' folding tables. All handling and staging takes place up on stage away from crowd and potential disaster.

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Re: District event who do you invite?

Post by festiva91 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 1:15 pm

Top 5 in each pack race go to the district race. The top ten from each district race go to council.

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Re: District event who do you invite?

Post by Old Guy Chuck » Fri Feb 23, 2007 8:12 pm

For the last several years, our group has run 2 district derbies in the Minneapolis area. In both cases, packs are allowed to send the top two racers from each rank to the race. We use our 4-Lane track, use GrandPrix and a Judge, use times (eliminating worst time) for scoring, and advance the top two cars from each rank to the Championship race at the end of the day.

Chuck Sylvester

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