Raising the bar by requiring "stock" parts

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Darin McGrew
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Re: Raising the bar by requiring "stock" parts

Post by Darin McGrew » Tue Jan 17, 2006 2:23 pm

terryep wrote:The next rule is a strange one;

[Leaders are reminded that kub kar racing is an adult/child activity and all efforts should be made to have the kars built as equal as possible for maximum enjoyment.]
Strange indeed. If they're so afraid of the cars being unequal, then why bother with a race that's designed to figure out which ones are faster than the others?

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Re: Raising the bar by requiring "stock" parts

Post by rdeis » Fri Mar 17, 2006 11:08 am

terryep wrote:[Cars must be built so that the front end is completely behind the starting pin. In order to avoid disappointment on some tracks with short starting pins, the nose of the kar should not be higher than 2 cm from the track.]

Our’s was 3 cm but they didn’t inspect for it.
Now there's a textbook examply of poor officiating.

1> The rule is worded as a suggestion, not a requirement
2> The text includes the "spirit" of the rule, which is protection of the racer against start fouls on tracks with short pins (which was apparently not a problem on your track.)
3> The car passed inspection despite the fact that any "violation" in this case would be very, very easy to detect. (and probably to correct!)
4> The finish judge makes a wild public accusation, in a rather unsportsmanlike manner, without first consulting with the judge that should have done the inspection.

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