Throwing out the worst time?

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Re: Throwing out the worst time?

Post by Stan Pope » Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:23 am

derbyspeed wrote:
This was my first year helping at the council and both helpers for running the software had backed out, since I had used the software for 3 years they asked me to step in. That was the call I got the day before the race so I didn't have a lot of time to check things out,
Argh!!! A Council event???
derbyspeed wrote:
As far as gleaning wisdom from this experience:
- Racing with times is quick but boring to the audience.

Even under some duress I still had a great time and am ready to go at it again next year if they will have me! :pray:
Good start for a checklist!

Your #1 item bothers me, though. No Cub Scout event should be boring, even for the audience! Improving communication would help, but probably greatly increases the technology dependence... multiple large (or projected) displays, ...

Still, it is probably a lot more accurate than the prior method, for which 2nd place had a probability of less than a 0.75 of being correct. 3rd and 4th were even worse with 4th place being around 0.25! (If I correctly identified your Council as racing in the Champaign area). And its terribly slow progress was guaranteed by the reracing of the same two cars a second and, sometimes, a third time in succession.

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