Should a Cub Scout win two trophies?

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Re: Should a Cub Scout win two trophies?

Post by TXDerbyDad » Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:30 am

The gentleman who made and donated our track works for a trim carpentry shop and he makes our trophies out of pieces of oak trim from their lumber castoffs. They're substantial, very well made and will probably last a lot longer than a regular trophy store trophy. He does it all for two tickets to Blue and Gold, which we gladly give them because it's a bargain.

We award 1st thru 3rd place for each den, and the boys race only against their own dens. I head up our derby, and we've never thought it was appropriate for a Tiger to race against a Webelos II because of the drastic difference in skill and ability, and we don't want the dad's building the cars for their sons. Looking at the race results for the last few years, the only young cubs that have been competitive had significant "father influence" on their cars. We have toyed with the idea of an overall finals/fastest round of the 1-2 finishers from each den competing against each other, but have been against it. Since my boys have had the fastest cars in all the years we've raced, I don't really see the point in handing them another trophy, or having siblings racing each other. I have to live with them, after all. We also have a "Safest Car" trophy which is awarded to the slowest car that crosses the finish line, and a design award that we give to the most obvious boy made car. We also have a trophy for the Old Timer's adults race, but only for first place, and the same for our siblings race since we have a lot of siblings in Girl Scouts, American Heritage girls, or have no interest in Scouting. On that last bit, it's actually been a very good recruiting tool for bringing boys into the Pack.

I think that if we were to do a winner take all from all the dens, we might have a Parents vs Cubs trophy since our Pack has become very competitive lately, though my car last year would have beat all the Cub cars pretty handily with only my Bear son's car being within a second of me. And honestly, I'd hate to beat my own kids, especially since we have the dad's race strictly to cut down on the shenanigans of dad's building kids cars.

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Re: Should a Cub Scout win two trophies?

Post by Topspin.D » Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:36 am

I'm really glad to have this board as a resource. This year I'm going to be running our packs PWD for the first time and have been contemplating everything from rules to awards.

I tend to think that a kid should earn more than one award if he's done the work to earn one, but do want to recognize as many kids as possible for their efforts. We will be instituting design awards for the first time this year... probably certificates, not trophies. I like the idea of "safest" car and the idea of a less showy overall winner award (a ribbon or medallion).

Full disclosure my son was the overall winner of our pack the last 2 years (as Tiger and Wolf) and district rank and overall winner last year. Grandad had lots of good tips/technical assistance Tiger year that helped my son finish first. I went full OCD on this and other boards last year to help us understand how to compete at the district level.

There was some grumbling about our win last year, but we offered assistance to anyone that wanted it last year and will do so this year. As we hand out the rules and kits next month, I think I'm going to make a Sportyesque speech about getting results based on how much effort/time they put into the cars and not to be upset if someone out works them.... followed by an offer to help anyone that wants it.

Thanks for the good ideas

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