Be careful what you wish for!

Discussions on race planning, preparations and how to run a "fair" and fun race.
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Be careful what you wish for!

Post by Rukkian » Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:39 am

I have been trying since we moved to our new district and council to get a district race started, as it was a big honor and an awesome experience in our old Council for my boys. It was the highlight of the year, and something they looked forward to. Due to some changing of the guard and new people taking over leadership positions in our District, I have now convinced them to run one - Yeah! Then it hit me, as I am in charge of running the event, and the shear magnitude of what needs to be planned is already getting me overwhelmed.

I helped out during race day at the district races in my old district, and completely ran our pack race for several years. I am now at going on year 2 (of probably 3) of running our new pack's races. Since my youngest is now a Web 1, it will be, at most, 1 more year.

We have the date, venue, and rules sealed up. Our pack's brand new track (haven't even opened the boxes yet) will be the track, and I will be using the software (GPRM, Race Replay, and RaceFX) that we have for the pack. The district is planning on having patches made to give to every boy that attends, and then some trophies.

I want this to be as fun and exciting for the boys as what my boys had in Minnesota, and hope I can provide that same type of environment.

I am hoping some of you veterans out there can help me with any gotcyas I should look out for and plan for.

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Re: Be careful what you wish for!

Post by xanthrum » Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:04 pm

Well - this sounds all too familar... I can totally relate and - I have some great expierences to draw on having 3 successful MAPWD's under my belt and helping run a couple district races last year. Feel free to contact me directly - you can PM me or email me directly at" target="_blank


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