Referb of an old gate

Solenoid start gates make for consistent heat starts.
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Referb of an old gate

Post by tommydenton » Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:01 am

I have an old start gate that fits perfect on the track, etc.

The guts of the gate were damaged by a fall, no scouts were harmed in the fall.

The Solenoid is this one. ... lenoid.pdf - Specifically A420-066844-00

I know it works cause I have a 24 vdc power supply that is 2 amps and one that is 10 amps. If I move the springs out of the way and give power to the solenoid it pulls up the gate and all is good. But if the springs are in place I get no movement, just a buzz.

The old circuit had a mosfet, capacitor, potentiometer, by the time I got the project I could not make heads or tails of the setup, numbers are missing and pathways were broken. I am pretty sure this was just for the timing of the reset of the gate, but must be missing something.

I have tried to read the diagrams for the other posts but failed. I have two questions to start with.

1. The Solenoid used to pull up the gate with the current springs. It will hold if I manually pull the gate up. Is the Solenoid not getting enough current to do its job?
2. Do I have to have the mosfet and capacitor to make this thing work?

I am going to be controlling with the GPIO pins off a raspberry pi so I don't need the timing part as I will control that in code. (I think)

Thank you,

Tommy Denton
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