How to Still Run Your Race This Year

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How to Still Run Your Race This Year

Post by gpraceman » Sat Mar 21, 2020 2:28 pm

With the Corona Virus pandemic making meeting together for special events inadvisable, has anyone looked into live streaming their Pinewood Derby type race? We had one of our software customers asking us about that type of race. Basically, holding the race with the audience online only. Just a minimal crew to run the race and a camera to show the racing action. Maybe this type of race would be something that district, council and other races could consider instead of cancelling their races, if this crisis drags on.

I have seen big races, like Mid-America, do a live stream for their proxy racers, as well as the racing leagues. Have a camera setup at the finish line, so it could show the cars running from the start line to the finish and then panning over to show the heat results from our race software.
There would be some logistics that would have to be worked out, of course, like getting racers to drop off their cars. Then there is dealing with issues, like if a car needs to be adjusted to pass check-in inspection.

Anyone have experience with live streaming? My understanding is that you need a camera (of course), some live steaming software (like OBS) and a platform to stream to (YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, etc.).

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